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A Woman Bound In Gold, 2020 by Daniel Lee Adams (Photographer) with Abinaya Dhivya Mohan (Co-creator)

A Woman Bound In Gold, 2020 by Daniel Lee Adams (Photographer) with Abinaya Dhivya Mohan (Co-creator)

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In their reimagination of Gustav Klimt’s The Woman in Gold, Daniel Adams and Abinaya Dhivya draw parallels between two contrasting yet oppressive periods in history.

In envisioning this, the pair firmly ground their work in modern-day Malaysia, navigating themes of injustice, discrimination, police brutality and demonisation faced by its minority Indian community. At its core, it is an assessment and exploration of a community’s subjugation and growth through the years, draped in gold. The subtle symbolisms - bloody chains, a Sejarah (History) book, rubber and banana leaves - evoke the idea of a fragile yet tightly bound social contract that thrives on stereotypes. It all comes together with the target looming precariously overhead, in memoriam of brutal custodial deaths and rampant racial profiling. In essence, it is the unspoken burden of being Indian in Malaysia. A Woman Bound in Gold was created to reflect the fraught times we live in. And, with it, the hope of illuminating fresh perspectives on racial discourse.

Art Print Details:

Giclée Fine Art Print (SGD 300)

Limited edition of 100, hand-numbered, unframed
310gsm Textured Fine Art Paper (100% Cotton, Acid-Free, Archival)
42 x 59.4cm (A2)

Artist Bio:

Daniel Adams is a Malaysian conceptual, portrait photographer who explores and blurs the lines between gender, identity and cultural norms. He also delves into the usage of social and political ideologies throughout his concepts, wanting his work to start discussions amongst its viewers. Along with the exploration of these subjects, Daniel also looks for the unusual and the not-your-everyday aspects to implement into his photography, aiming to recreate the surreal images in his head.

Abinaya Dhivya is a research and communication consultant based in Kuala Lumpur. Her work explores the politics of identity, gender and human rights. Through this, she is committed to building feminist spaces and amplifying the voices of marginalised Southeast Asians.

@danieladamsphotography @absdhivsmo

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