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Digital Sticker Pack: Chill and Fight by Cwnd Dien (MY)

Digital Sticker Pack: Chill and Fight by Cwnd Dien (MY)

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Hit the Check Out button to download this FREE sticker pack for Telegram and Whatsapp! Includes 11 digital stickers by artist Cwnd Dien from Malaysia.

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Largely influenced by street art & Chibi Anime, Cwnd Dien describes this sticker pack as “Cute & Vicious”. The series reflects what he has learnt throughout this pandemic: to become more relaxed and to pick up new skills. He enjoys a good cup of coffee and time off for himself, even when he is furious inside.


Cwnd Dien is an illustrator, concept artist, and animation director based in Kajang, Malaysia. He has been working in the animation industry as a character designer for more than 10 years. His influences come from street art, animation, film, music, comics, toys, and Japanese Culture. Cwnd Dien shies away from personally labelling his art style, though he remains open to audiences describing his work based on their individual understanding. 


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