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Digital Sticker Pack: Street Community by Blic (PH)

Digital Sticker Pack: Street Community by Blic (PH)

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Hit the Check Out button to download this FREE sticker pack for Telegram and Whatsapp! Includes 10 digital stickers by artist Blic from Philippines.

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A simple representation of the artist's community, these are the kinds of Humands you may want to hang around with in the streets! Public Sticker Pack on the loose!


Blic is a self-taught artist who holds a degree in Computer Science. The moniker comes from the word "public", to represent how he is part of the public. He is a member of Pilipinas Street Plan, a group that pioneered street art in the Philippines, as well as a founding member of CVTY Collective – one of the country's most active street art groups. Blic is known for his "Humands" – personified human hands. He finds inspiration in using hands as his subjects because of how expressive they can be, as well as their ability to create change and convey messages.


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