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Unlearning Colonisation by Dorcas Tang

Unlearning Colonisation by Dorcas Tang

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Unlearning Colonisation is an illustration of modern Singapore society, backdropped against British colonial history and its residual effects on our culture, people and even architecture. While present Singapore holds racial harmony at the core of its value system, the original Padang painting depicted undeniable White Supremacy, division between races, and the use of coloured people as servicemen. The past and present, East and West ideologies, and even generational beliefs, struggle to conflate and the result is an ever-confused, rojak society.

Art Print Details:

Giclée Fine Art Print (SGD 300)

Limited edition of 100, hand-numbered, unframed
310gsm Textured Fine Art Paper (100% Cotton, Acid-Free, Archival)
42 x 59.4cm (A2)

Artist Bio:

Dorcas Tang is a Singapore-based artist who believes in the power of art to advocate for social and climate justice. She's a huge proponent of the idea that our imagination is a huge driver in creating a better world, and is constantly in the process of learning and unlearning. When she's not creating, her favourite things to do are to reach fictional books and listen to broadway music.


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