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Five Phases (五行) by metal upa

Five Phases (五行) by metal upa

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Drawing inspiration from pioneering female abstract artist, Hilma af Klint, and her spiritual and visual study of the four ages of man, Five Phases delves into the spiritual realm from an Eastern perspective. Through a digital and spatial interpretation, the work seeks to embrace the essence of Chinese mythology and practices. By intertwining the concepts of Wuxing, Yin and Yang, and the Red Thread of Fate, Five Phases seeks to symbolise the intrinsic connection and mutual reliance between life, phenomena and destiny. A highly practiced Chinese philosophy, Wuxing (五行), often translated to "five phases", represents the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Venus. This piece aims to embody the pursuit of harmony and equilibrium of Wuxing through the interplay of water, earth, metal, wood, and fire elements.

Artwork inspired by:

The Ten Largest, No. 2, Childhood by Hilma af Klint (1907)

Art Print Details:

Giclée Fine Art Print (SGD 300)

Limited edition of 100, hand-numbered, unframed
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
310gsm Textured Fine Art Paper (100% Cotton, Acid-Free, Archival)
42 x 59.4cm (A2)

Digital Art Print (SGD 80)

Open edition, unframed
29.7 x 42 cm (A3)

Artist Bio:

Kimverlyn Lim (metal upa) is currently finding herself and experimenting with various technological mediums. Interested in cybernetics, phenomenology and biomimicry, she aims to explore more projects with spatial interaction, sound and tactile experiences.


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