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The Teh Botol by Nadia So

The Teh Botol by Nadia So

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As an Indonesian who'd been living away from home for the past decade, Nadia examines her homesickness by depicting Teh Botol Sosro, a ubiquitous local beverage, in the style of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans

Art Print Details:

Giclée Fine Art Print (SGD 300)

Limited edition of 100, hand-numbered, unframed
310gsm Textured Fine Art Paper (100% Cotton, Acid-Free, Archival)
42 x 59.4cm (A2)

Artist Bio:

Nadia So, also known as nsogallery, is a storytelling illustrator from Indonesia who explores the subconsciousness within herself. Her works showcase hidden thoughts and emotions that humans experience on a daily basis that are often kept within themselves. By using this as her subject, she wants to encourage people to explore their inner thoughts and to further explore their own identity.

Nadia So is a visual artist who tries to portray emotions, mood and stories into a soothing, introspective, at times surreal images. Having dabbled professionally in various media field from classical animation, illustration to visual effects, she is now focusing on solely growing further as an illustrator and visual artist. She enjoys exploring different medium from traditional medium to digital painting, depending on the projects and which medium portray better mood for the works. She does not have a specific style of illustration but wishes to continuously explore and grow.


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